These Resilient Robots Carry On Working After Suffering Damage

 - Jun 1, 2015
References: & gizmag
Researchers in France and the USA are developing a resilient robot that is capable of working even after receiving major damage. The environments in which robots work often make it difficult for maintenance to be carried out, which is why robots capable of carrying on after damage are set to become highly prized. Indeed this robot is inspired by animals in the wild that have to find a way to carry on and fend for themselves after suffering injury.

These robots make use of trial-and-error algorithms that enable them to adapt, find a way to compensate for their losses and continue to work. The entire process is conducted in a matter of minutes and doesn't require the conducting of lengthy self-diagnosis tests.

In other words, these resilient robots literally improvise on the fly and use programmed algorithms to mimic the responses and behavior of animals in the wild that have no choice but to find some way to survive.