From Journalist-Tracking Platforms to Speedy Bouquet Deliveries

 - Jul 26, 2015
The July 2015 new ventures ideas indicate what the latest entrepreneurial activity is and what new and innovative business ideas and success stories are.

The concept of convenience continues to be a big focus, with people providing increasing amounts of on-demand and delivery features. Startups are appealing to consumers by narrowing in on the basic human function of eating, but also targeting niche markets within the food industry. This means only offering Indian lunches, cannabis-based items or wildlife-friendly options.

Other July 2015 new ventures are encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in the form of innovation incubators and support. The latter can refer to anything from offering space to documenting tools or even simulation games to get their brains working and creative juices flowing.

While many millennials may be called lazy for embarking on an alternative career path, they at least have the insight to make things easier on themselves and their consumers.