- Jun 12, 2019
As consumers feel mounting guilt over climate change, many are looking for sustainable food options like insect-infused cuisines. The movement has become more widespread, with more brands releasing food products using high protein insects.

One example includes the Eat Grub Smoky BBQ Crunchy Roasted Crickets, that are available at over 250 Sainsbury conveniences stores in the UK. The eco-friendly treat is flavorful and nutrient-rich, making it the perfect afternoon pick me up. The movement of insect-infused food has even reached the supplement industry, with Chirps introducing its Cricket Protein Powder. The power is made with ingredients like pea, brown rice, chia seeds and crickets.

This highly nutritious, highly sustainable food has been eaten by various cultures worldwide but has only recently started to become more mainstream in Western and European cultures.

From Insect-Based Meats to Convenience Store Insect Snacks: