From Anime-Inspired Air Cleaners to Pet-Powered Humidifiers

The summer heat is usually embraced with open arms and short shorts, but for some people the summertime also brings some unwarranted humid air into their bedrooms.

Humidifiers are ideal for all those humid summer nights. Not everyone owns an air conditioner, so humidifiers are perfect for those hot few months of summer. Back in the day, humidifiers were designed large and clunky making them cumbersome for traveling, but new designs of humidifiers permit travelers to bring the comfort of purified air with them wherever they go now.

From noodle box-shaped purifiers to emoticon-styled steamers, there's a plethora of humidifier designs that will suit just about anyone under the sun. Since the humid summer air isn't leaving anytime soon, why not try out of these chic compact humidifiers to avoid those sweaty nights of summer.