The Fuijisan Humidifier Helps You Imagine Climbing Mount Fuji

 - Jun 12, 2011
References: yankodesign
Just because winter is over does not mean you will not have a use for this Fuijisan Humidifier. Summers can be just as dry as winters in some cities, and you might need the extra help to keep your home nice and moist.

Designed by Yuchen Liu, the Fuijisan Humidifier is modeled after Japan's most iconic mountain. Simple, sleek and sophisticated, I feel as though the sight of this mini mountain will also cool people down, since mountainous areas tend to enjoy cooler climates.

Since the Fuijisan Humidifier is perpetually surrounded by mist, it makes it even easier to imagine being near the real Mount Fuji, or perhaps even climbing it. By purifying the air around its user, he or she can even imagine breathing in the fresh air from the mountain.