From Motion-Detecting Stuffed Animals to Teddy Bear Speakers

 - Feb 27, 2013
Teddy bears are often associated with being soft and cuddly, but with the continuing advancement of technology, plush toys are evolving to include new and exciting features, and these hi-tech stuffed animals are some great examples of how they've changed.

While traditionally children just played with stuffed animals by hugging them or throwing them around, these new and improved designs have a variety of technological features built-in, which provide a new and improved way to occupy and engage babies. From teddy bears that can sing you to sleep to ones that can embed your mobile devices, these technologically inclined toys are certainly geared toward a much more interactive and advanced generation.

Gone are the days of using your imagination to make your stuffed animals come to life, because these creatively hi-tech plush toys are built to interact with you all on their own.