From Hilarious Dictators to Superhero Looks

From mutants to historical leaders, there are no bounds to what hipsterized pop cultural figures will pop on the Internet next.

What once was a subculture has gone mainstream in contemporary times, as artists continually re-appropriate famous pop cultural characters into hipsters. These characters try to show just how subversive they are by sporting skinny jeans, ironic facial hair and savvy secondhand store finds.

Artists magically makeover legendary characters, such as Harry Potter and the Disney Princesses into a pretty pretentious bunch. From historical hipster icons such as Frida Khalo to hilariously unexpected dictator depictions, these clever re-conceptions will have viewers laughing.

True to form, your favorite hipsterized pop cultural figures will never admit to the fact that they have transformed into an edgy, thick-rimmed glasses wearing, DJ-loving hipster.