- Mar 10, 2010   Updated: May 31 2011
The Hilary Duff finds in this cluster focus on everything Duff. Hilary Duff is the latest celebrity to foray into children's books, but this cluster remembers her before she hits big in the kid's literary world.

From posing seductively for Maxim to encouraging everyone to have flawless skin like hers, these Hilary Duff finds are sure to please all of her Lizzie McGuire fans.

Implications - Celebrities with a diverse body of work under their belt are the ones most likely to appeal to diverse marketing segments. Multi-talented actresses and singers who transform this talent into marketable business opportunities are in demand in every industry they put their hands on which makes the possibilities for both them and their fans endless. Companies should consider this when looking for campaign sponsors.

From Celeb Hipster Fashion Labels to Naughty Youthvertising: