From Geometric Gemstone Growers to Upcycled Party Cup Planters

 - Jun 4, 2013
If you like to plant herbs and cultivate vegetables, but have a small backyard or balcony, these indoor growing kits are exactly what you need. Planting anything from basil to carrots is a lot easier when you can do it from inside your house.

These growing kits are made to grow plants and veggies indoors. They are compact and complete. Even if you only have one windowsill, you can still enjoy fresh veggies and spicy herbs. Indoor growing kits come with everything you need to harvest enough fresh produce to enjoy salads all season long. Whether you enjoy rosemary in your dinner or carrots for lunch, you can grow it all with one of these compact indoor growing kits.

My personal favorite is the self-watering eco planter, which pretty much does all the work for you.