The POTHRA is Produced by Repurposing the Remnants of Your Morning Brew

 - Apr 24, 2013
References: kickstarter & yankodesign
Frequent coffee drinking is a habit that generates a significant amount of waste, even if you're not constantly filling fresh paper cups. The POTHRA is an intelligent and eco-friendly solution to making use of the residual material from the beverage-brewing process, as a product that encourages a greener mentality.

Nooka's Matthew Waldman saved his leftover coffee grounds for over a year, and is now mixing them with biodegradable corn resin and molding them into roughly squared flower pots. The POTHRAs take on a terracotta-like look and feel, but the beauty of them is that the unique blends produce remarkably different colors and textures. The designer ends up with anything from black-brown coarse grind bowls to a smooth and sandy-toned planters in which you can foster your own interior gardens.