From Eating-Encouraging Sweatshirts to Sleek Vertical Herb Dispensers

 - Dec 7, 2013
Browsing through gift ideas for foodies might be the most fun you'll have shopping this year -- if you don't mind a little drool.

You can find the foodie watching the food network, scrolling through food-porn tumblrs or excitedly talking about which restaurant or recipe they're going to try next. Cater to their number-one interest this holiday season by picking out a gift that will make their taste buds tingle.

Whether it's a Realistic Burger-Inspired Sweaters or Gangster Cooking Mitts, there are tons of fun ways to satisfy their food obsession. If your friend values functionality over creativity, you can add to their kitchen with a fancy gadget like Slow Cooking Temperature Controllers or Easy Access Pit Removers.