The VeggiChop Slice, Dices and Mixes By Pulling the Ripcord

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: amazon & fancy
A standard food processor won't just cost a fair amount, but it'll also be messy to clean and loud to use. The VeggiChop looks to replace the standard piece of kitchen equipment with a manually powered design that's ergonomically designed to get the exact kind of results you're looking for.

While a standard food processor can only provide so much precision, the VeggiChop can work as slow or as fast as you require and produce the perfect cuts, dices or mixes every time. The device works like a lawn mower, as it has a built-in ripcord that spins the internal blades to chop the food. When it comes time to clean up, the VeggiChop is completely dishwasher safe and easily disassembled.