From Fluorescent Tube Artwork to Deceptive Ceiling Lamps

 - May 9, 2012
These futuristic lighting fixtures are a great way to take the rooms in any home to the next level. Modern-looking interior décor is no longer only found in up-town condominium areas, but is also a popular and ever-growing theme that is incorporated into suburban living areas. From wide open areas to metal fixtures and color-blocking furniture, it’s a simple yet fresh look to achieve.

Lighting fixtures for your abode may not always be the first thing you think about when designing your home. However, the ever-growing amount of statement lamps and fixtures available can take your room from modern to ultramodern. These futuristic lighting fixtures range from lunar lighting to fixtures that float in the air.

The overall themes in these designs have a fantasy, sci-fi-esque concept that incorporates abstract, floating and oddly shaped pieces. These unique yet futuristic lighting fixtures are sure to give your living space a contemporary feel.