Stukkolief by Stephan Gervers is Enlightening Interior Art

 - Jan 8, 2012
References: & designspotter
There is a time and place for utilitarian fixtures but there is an enduring appeal in objects that operate as well as enchant. Stukkolief by Stephan Gervers exists as a sort in the latter category, and in some cases even succeeds to be purely aesthetic.

The Swiss designer was inspired by Danish decorative motifs and uses stucco plaster to sculpt ornate organic forms onto flat backings. Tall graceful flowers, contemporary ring-shaped patterns and playful insectile creations breathe life into interior spaces. Lightbulbs can be integrated into some of the designs for even brighter modern murals.

Stukkolief by Stephan Gervers can be displayed in one's home in two different ways. It can either be ordered on individual boards modeled right onto the drywall.