The Fence Lamp Lengthens to Brighten Larger Spaces

 - Aug 15, 2011
Many people install light fixtures with little consideration for changing needs, though few designs are quite as versatile as the Fence Lamp by Oleksandr Shestakovych. Its expandable crisscrossing slat system allows its brightening bars to cover greater surface area should a requirement arise.

To demonstrate the clever concept behind this project, its creator has staged a scene in which a larger spread of light might be necessary. A bench has been assembled to mirror the mobile latticework of the fixture above, and as it elongates to suggest more people present at the table, the pendant lamp can be extended to cast a glow on the additional occupants as well. The Fence Lamp by Oleksandr Shestakovych does what few fixtures do, and would be even further enhanced if installed with a dimmer.