These Edible Delectables are Perfect for Star Wars-Themed Banquets

 - May 29, 2012
With Game of Thrones dominating the ratings on television and Star Wars coming out with theatrical releases for the 3D versions of the films, sci-fi fantasy treats are populating geek-savvy kitchens.

Cake pops may have had their mainstream debut in Starbucks, but they present bakers with an innumerable amount of custom designs. Blogger Jeniffer from 'Not Your Momma’s Cookie' created a delightfully morbid snack with her Game of Thrones cake pops featuring the decapitated head of Ned Stark. If Star Wars is more to your palette, then the Clone Trooper Candy Pops are bound to satisfy both your genre preference and sweet tooth.

The Game of Thrones Cake by Yonzon is a fabulously designed treat featuring the chair made from melted-down swords, only I would advise against sitting down on this royal seat.