In Celebration of the FIFA World Cup Soccer Event in 2014

 - Apr 3, 2014
To celebrate the FIFA World Cup soccer event taking place starting in June 2014 in Brazil, these soccer balls demonstrate that the main piece of the game is constantly adapting to various situations.

It's amazing to see how people from around the world make the most of what they have. From wooden soccer balls to others made completely out of rubble, the sport can be played with various adaptations. On the other hand, instead of playing with the bare minimum, companies such as Adidas have developed balls that are even equipped with sensors and cameras that send data back to computers for better feedback to players and ensuring referees have made the appropriate calls. Considering certain fiascos that have happened in the past with referees on big games, hopefully this will help.

The FIFA World Cup soccer event for 2014 starts on Thursday June 12, 2014.