From Expolsive Holiday Decor to Chocolate Weapons

 - Mar 2, 2012
Even if "make love not war" is your favorite mantra, you have to admit there is a sinful appeal to these fierce faux grenades. Used to make everything from a political to a fashion statement, these fake explosives are surprisingly engaging. Looking beyond the violent connotations associated with the grenade, you can see the beauty in its design.

From Barbies packing some serious heat to edible grenades made entirely out of jello, grenade-inspired designs have been cropping up everywhere. While it may seem a touch unsavory to celebrate the aesthetics associated with objects that have either ended or significantly changed countless lives, these faux grenades are equipped with a quirky subversiveness that somehow manages to side-step any offense.

Controversial, engaging and above all explosive, these fabulous faux grenades are for those who live cautiously on the edge.