Dark-Themed Kuckucksuhren in Freiburg, Germany

 - Nov 17, 2009   Updated: Jun 15 2011
References: trendhunter
I saw these dark-themed Kuckucksuhren (cuckoo clocks) -- one of Germany's most famous souvenirs -- in Freiburg, a stronghold of Catholicism.

Close to the well-known Freiburg Cathedral, the
“Rahmenatelier Springmann” manufactures these unique handiwork Kukucksuhren. I've seen many variations of cuckoo clocks, but these designs with skulls, guns and bones coupled with strange pictures of animals with hand grenades were a unique twist, and really quite shocking.

Implications - Consumers enjoy seeing familiar products re-contextualized to incorporate novel ideas. This reinvigorates consumer relationships with these items and strengthens the existing bond consumers already have with their products. Corporations looking to spark innovation can consider combining modern or unorthodox design elements with products that have traditional adornments.