From Fantasy Film Mashup Posters to Fantasy Story Book Depictions

 - Jun 20, 2013
These fantasy TV illustrations all depict Game of Thrones characters in a different light. The show has just wrapped up its third season and shows no signs of slowing, so fan art has been popping up all over the place to pay tribute to this fantastic HBO series. These clever illustrations include Game of Thrones mashup posters, manga style art and retro TV character illustrations.

Fantastical TV show mashups combine the characters from Game of Thrones with the style and fashion sense from the hit show Mad Men. This portrays these fantasy characters as a fashionable group of guys and gals from a simpler time. The fierce fantasy illustrations make everyone's favorite Game of Thrones characters look all the more serious, while subtly incorporating other characters into the background.

These intriguing Game of Thrones illustrations will help fans get their fantasy fix while they patiently wait for season four.