These Posters Combine Star Wars with HBO's Game of Thrones

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: mylittlegeek & youthedesigner
These marvelous mashup posters combine popular Star Wars characters with elements from HBO's Game of Thrones. Each of these pop culture posters is a different color and each contains a different character from the Star Wars trilogy.

Written underneath each of these well-known sci-fi characters are the different words from the prominent families of Westeros. For example, underneath Han and Leia are the words for house Tully, which read 'Family, Duty, Honor.' And underneath Chewbacca we see the words for house Lannister. This reads 'Hear Me Roar,' which seems strangely appropriate.

These posters include characters like Yoda, R2D2 and Palpatine. These incredible pop culture mashup posters will have fans of HBO's Game of Thrones swooning. These Westeros family words are perfectly paired with these iconic Sci-fi characters.