From Social Networking Nixers to Online Time-Wasting Guides

 - Jul 25, 2012
These fantastic flowcharts allow readers to come to a wide range of different conclusions.

Though some are more concerned with getting laughs than results, these flowcharts are interesting pieces of content in that they provide a kind of activity for viewers. Full of questions, these can help readers gain insight into what they want and don't want in terms of a given situation. Some fabulous comedy-based charts have been created over the years, and this format makes an excellent template for laughs.

Clever, often well-designed and addictive in a way that makes them excellent viral content, flowcharts are the future of problem-solving. The popularity of data visualization is on the rise, and there's no question that flowcharts play into this. Sure to gain popularity, people can expect for many more of these to churn out over the next few years.