These Hilarious Charts Give Viewers the Inside Scoop on Sites

These clever corporate flowcharts poke fun at big-time businesses. You might visit your favorite bookmarked sites numerous times a day, but do you really know how they work on the inside? Now you can learn with these hilarious corporate flowcharts which make it all clear (comedically, of course).

This series of charts includes head honchos like Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft. The artist has drawn how the companies work and connect their users. In some cases viewers can clearly see the turmoil and corruption inside the company from these mocking images.

Take a peek at these corporate flowcharts for a better understanding of the ways of the World Wide Web.

Implications - Consumers who live fast-paced lifestyles don't have time to gather new information through traditional time-consuming practices. Instead, they seek methods of communication that are brief and data-packed. Companies or artists can create concise infographics to appeal to their busy target audiences.