Am I Wearing Pants Examines a Tight Situation

 - May 9, 2011
References: buzzfeed & thegloss
When pulling on a pair of tights, girls sometimes ask, "Am I Wearing Pants?" Thanks to Buzzfeed, answers are now available.

The leggings situation has always been a popular debate -- are they pants or not? This flowchart asks all the right questions. These questions include "Where did you purchase the pants?" and "Are there pockets?" The best question, though, is definitely whether the wearer exposes her bum. All conclusions lead to that "[...] no honorable pair of pants would do that to you."

Buzzfeed created the Am I Wearing Pants flowchart to help prevent what they have called "GLHP," which stands for "Girls Leaving the House Pantsless." Thanks to this flowchart, I expect more girls will be donning jeans this week.