This Internet Flowchart by Doghouse Diaries is Comical

 - Jul 21, 2012
References: pleated-jeans
This minimalist Internet flowchart is easy to follow and full of commentary about the way in which people surf the web.

The comic, which was created by Doghouse Diaries, a group known for putting out hilarious content featuring commentary on pop culture phenomena. Specifically, this piece makes a statement about the way in which users waste so much time on the Internet, and how the use of the web stunts productivity. Arranged as a flowchart, this is a never-ending stream of questions that question the reader about their surfing tendencies.

Simple yet straight to the point, this flowchart will get plenty of laughs, and perhaps helps aid the issues of procrastinators. Sure to resonate with many Internet enthusiasts, this will likely go viral throughout the blogosphere.