The NPR Sci-Fi Chart Points You in the Direction of the Best Novels

 - Oct 1, 2011
References: sfsignal & io9
Speculative fiction can be a difficult and daunting realm of literature to enter, which makes the availability of the NPR Sci-Fi Chart so important. The infographic compiles the news provider's list of the 100 best fantasy and science-fiction literature and reorganizes them into a guiding flowchart.

It can be difficult showing up at the public library, only to be distracted by the thousands of poorly scripted teen novellas. What you need is some direction, which is where the NPR Sci-Fi Chart comes in! Ever been curious about the original tales of Conan the Barbarian? Maybe cyberpunk detective stories are more your style? How about the high-fantasy of George R.R. Martin, complete with elves and spell-craft? Whatever your tastes include, this handy flowchart has you covered, even if science-fiction isn't typically included in your tastes. Only a handful of preliminary questions separate you from a breathtaking adventure in the stars, so seize your literary destiny with the NPR Sci-Fi Chart.