From Lace Face Tattoos to Frightening Facial Tattoos

 - Mar 26, 2013
When it comes to tattooing your body, your face is one of the most extreme places that you can have one, and these bold facial tattoos are some great examples of how far some people will go to showcase their devotion to this craft.

Getting a tattoo on your body is a creative outlet for expression and artistic imagery, and the ability to permanently ink an image or phrase on your body is something that will last a lifetime. While most people choose to get a tattoo on a place where they can easily conceal it during working hours, there are some people who are bold enough to get tattoos right on their face, where it cannot be hidden or covered.

From facial tattoos dedicated to a special person to ones that showcase beautifully artistic designs, these over-the-top and striking tattoo creations will definitely set you apart from the crowd.