Pinpin Co. Paints Mesmerizing Murals on People's Skin

 - Jul 16, 2012
References: pinpinco & origin.juxtapoz
Based in Tokyo, Japan, Chinese-born artist Pinpin Co. is stopping people in their tracks with her latest body art designs. Original and stunning, this avant-garde work is an impressive achievement that could be seen on a high fashion runway or in a modern ballet.

Pinpin Co., a trained architect, paints her subjects with liquid-like lines that seem to have a life of their own. She marries the painting and the subject together, creating a hybrid form of life and art. Her work is exquisitely detailed, following the contours of the human body in a way that is mesmerizing to the eye.

At once both haunting and beautiful, Pinpin Co. has developed a visionary style of art that is alluring and inventive. Borrowing from Henna style tattooing, her work has a timeless aesthetic that is also on the cutting edge of fashion-forward thinking.