- Nov 12, 2008   Updated: Jul 18 2011
This cluster of trends covering mustaches, beards, eyebrows and shaving is in honor of Movember.

The enamel Formosa Mustache Keyring, designed by Eva Schildt, is another addition to the growing popularity of all things mustache related.

One of the most shocking trends in facial hair is the growing number of women sporting fake mustaches. There is now even a blog dedicated to cataloging images of mustache-clad females called 'Hipster Girls in Mustaches.'

Implications - Facial hair has made a huge resurgence thanks to hipsters who thrive in thrift and vintage stores. Urban areas are now brimming with bearded lumberjacks, and these hilariously hairy innovations are sure to inspire growth.

24 Facial Hair Innovations To Celebrate Movember: