From Undead Burlesque Zombies to Demented Portraiture

 - May 28, 2012
These terror-filled portraits are sure to make you cringe and reflexively draw back in a flurry of emotions including fear and disgust. The days of structured, mundane and ordinary portraits are over; they have now been replaced instead by bizarre and unsightly representations.

Families are no longer obliged to dress in formal attire and don picture perfect smiles, because that's not of importance in today's version of portraiture. The more grotesque, unappealing and ghastly the better -- apparently, individuals no longer care about how they appear.

Portraits are now becoming more distorted, deranged and the individuals depicted in them have become frightfully unrecognizable. Now you buy portraits that show you and your loved ones as flesh-eating zombies, a swirly-faced fien, or in historically updated imagery. Unattractive portraits are an awesome addition to your mantle and are a guaranteed conversation piece.