These Ewa Moss 'We are Different' Shoots are Distinguished

 - May 2, 2012
References: ewamos & vectroave
In this recently shot series of photographs, Ewa Moss emphasizes the individuality we all possess. The British artist has manipulated each photograph in order to dramatically differentiate one portrait from the other. Each features text that reads, "we are different," along with a unique signature, presumably the model's own.

Often conceptual photography can become remote, abstract and impossibly opaque. That is, it becomes so obscure that it is beyond interpretation. In contrast, Moss's work simply and elegantly lets the viewer know what is about. This works on a few levels.

First, the viewer can contemplate more thoughtfully what the artwork is about instead of trying to decipher some cryptic code. Second, they can actually appreciate the aesthetics of the work. In this case, the model's faces are manipulated to resemble fractal art.