Rebeca Losada Renders Human Subjects with Cat Visages

 - May 14, 2012
References: rebecalosada & rebecalosada.tumblr
Some people genuinely prefer the company of cats to humans, but Rebeca Losada takes that notion to bizarre and artful extremes in this series featuring feline-faced people. Distinctive human attributes like stylish hairdos, makeup and clothing have all been transplanted onto cat creatures that pose in very recognizably human manners, and the result is a collection of images that are strangely magnetic in its oddity. Couple that bizarre concept with impressive rendering skills and you have a gallery that will induce double-takes regularly.

Rebeca Losada, for those unfamiliar, is a prolific illustrator who’s already stirring up a storm on Tumblr with her weird and well-executed paintings. Her work is frequently featured on trendy apparel and her technical skills continue to improve with each successive image. Expect to see many animals when browsing her blog or portfolio.