The ‘Faces of the Past' Series is Human and Visceral

Novi Sad, Serbia-based photographer Edd Carlile’s recently shot series, ‘Faces of the Past,’ is a humanized look into history. Each photograph depicts some figure from a certain period of time. These figures may be well-known or obscure, but they are all portrayed poignantly and compellingly.

Amongst Carilile’s portraits is a dignified Roman praetorian, the ill-fated Anne Boleyn and the intrepid explorer Ferdinand Magellan. The series covers eras as remote as the height of the Roman Empire to as recent as the 1940s.

Still, the most inventive aspect to the photographs is that they are photographs; that is, a living person is used to portray the various historical characters the series focuses around. This gives the series a viscerally human feeling that is hard to conjure from textbooks and even museum exhibits.

The models seem to be aware of the people they substitute for. Their expressions are appropriate to the rank, profession and circumstances of the people they portray.