This Art from Heikki Leis is Expressive and Eccentric

 - Apr 21, 2012
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Many artists shy away from realism but not Heikki Leis. The Tartu, Estonia-based artist and photographer has no qualms about this notoriously unsympathetic style of art. Many say there is no right and wrong in art; that's not entirely true. For a piece to qualify as realist, everything must be perfectly proportioned, the light must be exactly correct and the composition must usually be up to par with classical standards.

Beyond technical considerations, many would agree that good art is always inspired. The pieces featured here depict everyday people wearing expressions ranging from natural to humorous to surreal. In one, an old woman stares stoically at the viewer from the shade of a blue hood that poignantly matches her blue eyes; cryptically, text is displayed across her face. The realism and sometimes eccentric manner of Leis's work does well to convey the humanity in his subjects.