From Delightful Daisy Sunnies to Retro Glamour Shades

 - Aug 21, 2012
These stunning examples of cat-eye sunglasses show how some fashions never really go out of style.

Endlessly flattering and having made a huge comeback as of late, this style of glasses has taken over the industry and replaced large, square-framed lenses. Reminiscent of 50s film stars and always looking best when worn in black, these eye protectors are instantly chic no matter what price point they're being sold at. Frequently used in photo shoots to drive home a retro vibe, these are the ultimate accessory and prop that transport wearers back to simpler times. Whether worn by Audrey Hepburn or a more contemporary star, these chic sunglasses are likely to continue being revamped for years to come.

Sure to continue dominating the runways and streets, these examples of cat-eye sunglasses are vintage chic.