From False Perspective Posters to Optical Illusion LEGO Builds

 - Jul 22, 2010   Updated: Mar 23 2011
Maurits Cornelis Escher, or more simply M.C. Escher, was an incredible artist who blended surrealism and mathematics in his graphic art. These Escher-inspired innovations show how this artist's body of work has influenced the industry. From LEGO reinterpretations of Escher's illusions to couture fashions directly inspired by Escher's ideas of impossible reality, see some of our favorite designs above.

Implications - It's time to make a modern homage to the greats of the past. Whether it is a tribute to M.C Escher, Einstein or Audrey Hepburn, people are taking iconic tokens of the past and remixing them in through modern mediums. I'm sure M.C. Escher never intended to make a LEGO version of his famous piece of graphic art, but the cutting edge of art and design today is all about remixing something old into something unexpected!