- Oct 10, 2012
From the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, its Emily Schuman food creations attract the most trafic on her site. Schuman incorporates her gentle touch to each recipe she configures, whether it’s homemade or curated from a previous chef. With her delicate photos and pristine camera work, the treats entice the reader that much more.

Schuman is known fro creating treats in favor of specific holidays. Such has the beloved Discovery Channel’s Shark Week every August. For this occasion, she created vanilla-based bottoms with strawberry jelly middles to represent ‘blood.’ She topped off the cupcake with blue icing and fondant shark fins. Schuman experiments with a multitude of different spices and herbs. She is a fond believer in creating food which harnesses and stimulates multiple taste buds. These are just a few favorite items from the site.

From Vintage Dessert Pops to Thin Crust Brunch Dishes: