- Oct 3, 2012
With Jeremy Scott strutting his stuff down his own runway with next season's most coveted necklace, Egyptian jewelry will be all the rage for spring 2013. The Sponge Bob Squarepants 24K gold necklace pays homage to the designer's love for the African country. Contemporary designers like Iosselliani and Pamela Love constantly draw from the intricate Egyptian architecture for inspiration.

Recently designers like Robyn Rhodes have had its pieces popping up on the necks of celebrities. Rhodes' famous 'Isis' necklace is currently a top seller and extravagant none-the-less. Designers are incorporating rich turquoise, purple and red colors into each piece. Gold plays a significant role in each collection, symbolizing the rich kings and queens of the ancient era. With the movement of monochrome clothing next season, expect avant-garde jewelry to take the lead.

From Iconic Cartoon Golden Necklaces to Egyptian Jewelry: