From Designer Hand Sanitizer to Tattooed Themed Wine

 - Jan 5, 2010   Updated: May 2 2011
I love to watch people wear Ed Hardy clothes. Why? Because they don't get how silly they look. Seriously, it brings a tear of joy to my face, because I know that you don't know how bad it really is. So in honor of this, I made the 10 Ed Hardy Awful-ovations, from Designer Hand Sanitizer to Tattooed Themed Wine.

Implications - Ed Hardy is an example of a fashion label that can be hugely impacted by television. The show Jersey Shore has a cast that wears this brand religiously and it definitely had an impact on the company both positively as well as negatively. Businesses need to be aware of how they want their items to be perceived by the public and try to shift their advertising and marketing in that direction.