From DIY Tin Can Pumps to Customizable Strappy Sandals

 - Sep 15, 2012
The DIY phenomena has begun to dip its toe in the world of DIY shoe designs. From the overwhelming obsession of designer goods in today’s society, the idea of at-home creations for a fraction of the cost entices many of the fashion crazed. A large amount of DIY creations have yet to focus on the footwear culture -- until now. Creating those intricate, bizarre and elaborate heels are now possible with the help of fellow fashion bloggers divulging their simple step-by-step guides onto the Internet.

With the help of mega blogs like Refinery29, one can simply watch a video tutorial on how to recreate their most coveted shoe. From designer-inspired footwear to simple additions to bland pumps, with a little elbow grease and a keen eye, your artistic thoughts can translate into real life.