- Oct 3, 2014
Dipping sauces are an excellent way to make healthy food like raw carrot sticks and celery taste better. They are also a great accompaniment to already tasty treats. Whether it's more saucy in texture or something thick you need a heartier vehicle to eat it with, dip is an under-appreciated part of a good appetizer or in-between meal.

Even in terms of the 'lighter' dips, they are often cream or yogurt based. This includes healthy herbed dipping sauces, tarragon yogurt dips and French onion soup dips. Others are a heavy spread like meaty game day dips and unexpected artichoke appetizers. There are also a lot of innovative salsa recipes out there like fruit salsa recipes, sweet tooth nacho dips and individualized salsa appetizers.

From Unexpected Artichoke Appetizers to Half Time Tortilla Snacks: