Steroid Alternatives for Deuce McAllister

 - Oct 26, 2008
It must be frustrating for superstars like football player Deuce McAllister to get caught using steroids, but it’s far more harmful to the hundreds of players that make their way up the ranks the right way. In such a cutthroat and competitive atmosphere, the temptation for pro athletes to continue to perform at perfection day after day, year after year is almost too much to bear.

The performance enhancers in this cluster range from lab-designed streamlined swimsuits to fruit peels, but they all have one thing in common: They’re legal. Want to improve your hand-eye coordination, Deuce McAllister? Try cup-stacking. It’s cheap, easy to learn and difficult to master. And it won’t make you fail a drug test.

An easy performance enhancer is simply losing weight--with less mass to move around, you’ll naturally become faster. Indeed, Deuce McAllister is one of several players who has tested positive for a weight-loss diuretic. Before he took the diet plunge, however, Deuce McAllister should have consulted some of our drug-free weight loss tips below.