From Canadian Tuxedos to Splattered Jean Outfits

 - Apr 23, 2012
Although a more casual style, these denim-on-denim looks have added a new flare to the dungaree pieces, habitually featuring metallic studs and new lines by haute couture labels. Jeans are no longer relegated to the realm of pants. Overalls, blazers and dresses have all been given a blue-tinged edge. The rebellious look echoes a western theme, captured by editorials featuring cowboys and cowgirls set among desert sand hills and cacti.

The Canadian tuxedo is a time-honored denim-on-denim look. The framework mixes blue slacks with an assortment of jean shirts. The tuxedo name provides a bit of irony here, contrasting the classic formal wear ensembles with a more laid-back, if not entirely indifferent, appearance. Magazine editorials and fashion catwalks have embraced this relaxed trait, time and time again delivering denim-only collections.