The Marks Hyper Dri Denim is No Coward of the Rain

 - Apr 21, 2010
References: www2.marks
The Marks Hyper Dri Denim look like just your average jeans, but let me tell you, they are much more than that. These babies aren't just water-resistant, they don't even believe water exists! If happen upon the unfortunate event of spilling a beverage on your lap, never fear! These pants keep any sort of liquid from absorbing. It simply rolls off of the leg, leaving you bone dry.

By now you might think that I'm just making this up, well I assure you I speak the truth. I was fortunate to test a pair out and any liquid poured on the Marks Hyper Dri Denim simply sat on the surface with zero moisture absorption. In case you're still skeptical, I suggest you go to one of their stores because many locations now have testing booths so that you can see the Hyper Dri Denim pants in action.