From Bacon-Flavored to Twitter-Powered Popcorn

 - Nov 9, 2011
Enjoying some popped corn during a movie is no longer the only reason to indulge in the yummy snack, and these delicious popcorn finds prove that a small kernel can go a long way.

Popcorn is no longer reserved to just having butter as a topping; from liquor-infused popcorn to parties entirely dedicated to the tasty treat, these delicious popcorn finds will give you some great ideas the next time you indulge. There's even popcorn for those who are trying to incorporate a healthier diet into their daily lives.

Check out these delicious popcorn finds for an instant way to satisfy that craving.

Implications - Consumers with hectic lifestyles are looking for a bit of whimsy in all their activities. Food companies could focus on making their items more enjoyable to consume in order to increase their number of shoppers.