The AMC Smart Moviesnacks Package Serves Up Healthy Treats

 - Apr 9, 2011
References: bizjournals & buzzfeed
American moviegoers are about to have a healthier alternative when it comes to movie-theater food thanks to the newly released AMC Smart MovieSnacks. AMC Smart MovieSnacks are a budget-friendly and health-conscious bag of snacks designed to help get obese Americans to slim down and healthy Americans to open up their wallets.

The AMC Smart MovieSnacks sells for $7 and contains a pack of Chiquita fruit chips, a 20-oz. bottle of Dasani water (the water can be swapped out for a 20 oz. Diet Coke or Coke Zero fountain drink), an Odwalla Bar Chocolate Chip Trail Mix and the all-natural popped corn chip Popcorners. The entire package weighs in at an impressive 453 calories and has 11 grams of regular fat and 2 grams of saturated fat. AMC is hoping to help chunky Americans slim down with its new offering, but it is also trying to open up the wallets of the reported 70 million moviegoers who don't buy anything at all from the concession stand.