From Painful-Looking Spikes, Chains and Studs to Armored Underwear

 - Jul 21, 2009   Updated: Apr 27 2011
While we've titled this cluster “dangerous fashions,” it doesn't necessarily mean that all of these wardrobe choices are capable of inflicting painâ€"they might just look like it. From punk rock inspired spikes and studs to faux armored underwear, this cluster of dangerous fashion has a little something to bring out everyone's inner tough girl or guy.

Implications - Fashion designers are always on the forefront of what's cool and trying to push the boundaries of their outfits and accessories. In today's modern society, consumers enjoy danger, excitement and anything avante-garde. Incorporating danger into fashion sparks a new thrill and rush for consumers. Designers should not be afraid to push their designs to new limits to entice the modern-day consumer.