- Apr 20, 2011
Death is nothing to get excited over, but these cremation innovations certainly are. Cremating a loved one is a painful experience to say the least. Thankfully, this list is filled with urns, jewelry and designs that help you celebrate the life of your lost loved one.

Crematoriums are places of death but they can also power life, as evidenced by one small UK town's plan to heat its swimming pool with the heat from a local crematorium. If swimming in a crematorium-heated pool doesn't appeal to you, then maybe you'd prefer wearing your loved one's ashes in a locket or (to paraphrase Jackie Gleason) send them straight to the moon!

Whether you are looking for alternative urns or just want to see some cool ash art, you should definitely check out all of these cremation innovations.

From Cremated Jewelry to Blown Glass Memorials: