These Creative Chocolate Bars Make Eating Sweets Fun

 - Mar 7, 2014
It takes a lot to make a creative chocolate bar branding campaign. A marketing team has to push the boundaries on what is essentially a fixed shape. Trying to make a million things out of a ridged rectangle isn't the easiest thing to do, but many companies have become proficient at it.

Some companies prefer to live by the principle of simplicity. Using bright colors and interesting drawings on the wrappers to draw the wandering eyes of consumers can be a good way to get new customers. Other companies use a more bombastic methods that include strange flavors and over-the-top marketing styles. Examples of this would be soy sauce chocolate bars, sriracha bars or bloody chocolates.

Chocolate bars are a staple in the candy industry because of their taste and classic appeal. Companies are evolving though, and with that, so are branding methods for chocolate bars.