- May 26, 2012
Spaghetti cables beware, these clever cord organizers will keep electronics tangle-free and ready to power up. With all the electronics in today's home, jumbled cords becomes an inevitable demise for even meticulously organized spaces.

There are a number of products on the market helping to solve this age-old problem. Whether it's a cleverly disguised grass gadget dock or a recoiling cable winder, there is an organizer up for the task. It also becomes problematic when wires for differing devices are similar in size and shape. Use colorful clips to help distinguish your cellphone charger from the printer power line. Also, don't let your headphones become a tangled ball of doom; keep them safe and secure with brilliantly designed earbud winders.

If your ravenous office mess is becoming a tangled nightmare, consider adopting one of these crafty cord organizers.

From Grain Storage Gadget Docks to Cutlery Cable Clips: